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Cloud System

Connect to the World with One System! You can have a phone system that is smarter and faster for less without expensive upfront costs.



Take your office with you wherever you go! Vizline Cloud System allows you great flexibility that you may have your office anywhere.

Reliability & Functionality

Vizline Cloud System has proven its reliability in the communication industry and offers comprehensive functionalities to meet your business needs.


User Interface

Vizline Cloud System comes with a web-based user interface that you can easily learn and manage.


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No Upfront Costs!

From $19.95/month

A traditional PBX system can cost you at least $10,000 for the setup

in addition to monthly maintenance expenses.

With Vizline Cloud System, you can enjoy the best business phone service

that works smarter and faster at the lowest cost

without loads of expensive on-site equipment.

  • Local & Toll-free Numbers

    Get local and toll-free numbers at your desired locations in major cities in US.

  • Cloud PBX

    Vizline Cloud PBX System with the advanced VOIP technology is as secure as and more cost effective than ever. It does not require expensive hardware, maintenance or updates and offers comprehensive enterprise-class features.

  • Easy-to-Use User Interface

    Vizline Cloud System provides a web-based user interface that is simple and easy to use. Set up your IP Phone system in minutes and control the system as you want.

  • Advanced Technology & Complete Functionality

    Vizline Cloud System comes with highly-advanced features at no extra costs that require expensive investment in the traditional PBX system.

  • Live Receptionist Service

    Live Receptionist Service is available on demand at any time. Our friendly, professional receptionists will answer all phone calls in your company name. We provide you with a designated phone number for Live Receptionist Service and you can start using the service immediately.

Why Vizline Cloud System?

  • Cost Savings: A cloud PBX system is much less expensive than traditional land lines without huge upfront costs.
  • Corporate Image: Cloud PBX system will help project a global corporate image like a Fortune 500 company.
  • Local & Toll-free numbers: You can have local, toll-free and fax numbers of your desired location in major cities in US.
  • Unlimited phone calls: Enjoy unlimited phone calls* wherever you are.
  • Remote Capabilities: Download our app onto your smart phone and have your phone system ready to go wherever you are.
  • Efficient Customer Management: Vizline Cloud System help efficiently manage communications with your customers.
  • Phone System Integration: Integrate all your phone systems at different locations into one cloud system.
  • QC Monitoring: All your phone calls are automatically recorded and can be tracked online.
  • Easy-to-Use User Interface: Our web-based user interface is easy to use and you can.
  • Official Contact Numbers: You can use the phone and fax numbers as your official business contact numbers for company registration and online market accounts.
  • Live Receptionist Service: Our friendly, professional receptionists take your calls live in your company name with customized greetings.

(*Unlimited phone calls within US)

Your Cloud is ready to go now!

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