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Live Receptionists

Our friendly receptionists will answer all your calls in your company name and professionally handle them according to your requests.

Virtual Assistants

All you administrative needs will be met by our US-based, college-educated virtual assistants at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Translation & Interpreting

Our translation and interpreting services has proved its high quality in various industries including law, business, health and insurance.


Vizline offers consulting services for your business strategies to identify the highest value opportunities, address critical challenges and achieve the optimum performance.






UP TO 95%

  • Labor Cost cut down

    You will have US-based, highly-trained virtual assistants at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Be versatile and pay only for what you have used.

  • TAx and other related cost cut down

    Hiring an employee will involve additional expenses such as employment tax, employment insurance and other legal and accounting expenses. Vizline’s live receptionist/virtual assistant services will totally eliminate these additional costs that you can focus your resources solely on taking care of your business.

  • Up-front cost cut down

    Renting an office space often becomes a heavy burden on business starters due to its huge up-front costs. Vizline Virtual Office Services will help you establish corporate presence with prestigious office address while cutting down your cost up to 95%.

  • cloud phone system

    Setting up a PBX system requires not only a huge upfront of $10,000+ due to its expensive equipment but also involves high maintenance and intense setup.  Vizline’s cloud phone system is hosted in the cloud where all data is stored digitally that you can reach over the internet. This makes it less expensive and easy to use. With Vizline Cloud Phone System, be flexible, mobile and productive.

Live Receptionist Service

Cloud Phone System

Live Receptionist Services

Our live receptionists will answer all your calls in your company name and professionally handle them, presenting a corporate image that you desire.

  • Call answering by professional receptionists in your company name
  • Call forwarding to any numbers that you want or sending a memo via email
  • Customized plan to support you with direct marketing calls, taking orders and customer support
  • Receiving fax and sending to your email

Virtual Assistant Service

Take advantage of our versatile virtual assistant team for your every day administrative tasks or any of your to-do-lists. All our virtual assistants are US-based, college-educated and highly trained and can support you with:

  • Simple administrative jobs
  • Business registration
  • Opening a bank account
  • Opening seller’s account at Amazon / Ebay
  • Customer support services
  • Communications with your service providers
  • Making reservations and scheduling

Translation & Interpreting Services

Our interpreting/translation team consists of highly trained and qualified interpreters to serve your unique needs in this global business environment. We seek to provide the highest quality interpreting, translation and consulting services as a means of eliminating language barriers, enhancing your communication with your partners and buyers.

  • Conference Call / Telephonic Interpreting: We provide you with a conference call number with an access code. When you dial the number and the access code, you will be connected to an interpreter who will provide you with accurate interpreting during the conference call with your business partners or buyers.
  • On-site Interpreting: We also provide on-site interpreting to assist you during meetings or conferences with your business partners or buyers. Our interpreters are knowledgeable of various industry or sector specific terminology and have been trained in working with businesses to help meet objectives.

Business Registration &

Online Market Support Services

Vizline is closely working with US-based accounting firms and law firms to support starting your business in the United States. VIzline provides you with ONE-STOP Solution covering from setting up you virtual office address and phone numbers to registering your business and related accounting and tax services.

Vizline also offers customized services to meet the needs of the companies in the current smart market. With our rich experience and resources we have been supporting a number of our customers, who have been successful in Amazon, Ebay and other online markets including App Stores.

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