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Start Your Business in US Right Away!

Vizline’s One-Stop Solution :

Vizline has the one-stop solution for you

from setting up your virtual office to registering your business.

Cut Down Your Cost up to 95%!

Don’t worry about the huge up-front cost to start your business.

With Vizline, you can save up to 95% of the cost and

focus your resources on the business itself.

Monitoring Your Business at a Glance!

Vizline provides one complete network system that will cover all areas of your business including staff management, customer relations, communication networks and more. 

Start-up a Business? Registering Your Business in US?

Just One Phone Call and It’s Done!

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Vizline offers a one-stop solution that you can start your business right away in the US. Vizline provides you with a prestigious office address and phone numbers, and our partner accounting firms will guide you step by step to start your business.

Internet Business Support Servicesamazon_vizline_1000

Vizline offers all-round support services for your online business including Amazon, Ebay, Online shopping malls, Gateway and Credit card processing.

Cloud Phone Service


Vizline’s Cloud Phone System will provide you with a complete, enterprise-class PBX system with unlimited phone calls. You can manage communication networks with your clients, buyers and among your employees with our cloud PBX system.

Live Receptionists / Virtual Assistants

Vizline provides you with professional live receptionists who will answer all your calls in your company name, presenting a corporate image that you desire. With everyday administrative tasks, take advantage of our US-based, highly trained virtual assistant team, and save your time and money.

VIZLINE Business Centers

120+ Business Centers in US


All our business centers are located at prime locations in major cities in the US and are fully furnished with modern high-quality decor and the latest technology. We offer mail forwarding services and live receptionist services at all our business centers, which will help elevate your corporate image. Short-term or long-term office rentals and conference room rentals are also available.

Starting Up a Business and Managing It at a Minimum Cost

Vizline provides you complete, cost-effective, easy-to-use support services for your successful business.

  • Business Registration
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Online Businesses
  • Business Address and Phone Number
  • Cloud Phone System
  • Live Receptionist Services
  • Translation and Interpreting Services






UP TO 95%

  • Labor Cost Cut Down

    You will have US-based, highly-trained virtual assistants at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Be versatile and pay only for what you have used.

  • Tax and Other Related Cost Cut Down

    Hiring an employee will involve additional expenses such as employment tax, employment insurance and other legal and accounting expenses. Vizline’s live receptionist/virtual assistant services will totally eliminate these additional costs that you can focus your resources solely on taking care of your business.

  • Up-front Cost Cut Down

    Renting an office space often becomes a heavy burden on business starters due to its huge up-front costs. Vizline Virtual Office Services will help you establish corporate presence with prestigious office address while cutting down your cost up to 95%.

  • Cloud Phone System

    Setting up a PBX system requires not only a huge upfront of $10,000+ due to its expensive equipment but also involves high maintenance and intense setup.  Vizline’s cloud phone system is hosted in the cloud where all data is stored digitally that you can reach over the internet. This makes it less expensive and easy to use. With Vizline Cloud Phone System, be flexible, mobile and productive.

  • Make Your Business Smart!

  • Enhancing Customer Relations

  • Quality Control

  • Cloud Phone System

Enhancing Your Management System

One of the most important aspect of running a business is customer relations and employee management. Vizline’s network system comprehensively and effectively covers these areas that you can enhance your business management.

  • Customer Relations: You can keep a complete record of communications with your customers including phone numbers, date and time, the employees who spoke with the customers and voice recording when needed. All these are available online for you to see whenever, wherever you need.
  • Quality Control Monitoring – Utilize the phone network system to enhance your quality control monitoring.
  • Communication Networks – Keep all your contacts intact even when your employees quit. Our system keeps all the record and will make sure to forward all phone calls to new employees or you can simply use our live receptionist services.
  • Live Receptionist – Our live receptionists will answer phone calls and provide administrative assistance. All their tasks and progress are informed by emails and can be seen online.
  • Branch Offices – Our 120+ business centers located in major cities in US will make it easy for you to open and manage branch offices.

Promotions & Discounts

Business Centers

Vizline Business Centers at Prime Locations in Major Cities in US Offering Quality Services

Cloud Phone System

Vizline Cloud Phone System is the best way to utilize the smart technology at the lowest cost.

  • Cloud Phone System

    No up-front Cost
    from $19.99/month
    Smart Technology, Vizline Phone Services

  • Live Receptionist / Virtual Assistant

    US-based live receptionists and virtual assistants will answer phone calls in your company name and provide you administrative assistance.

  • Business Centers

    Vizline Business Centers at prime locations in major cities in US provides you with prestigious office address at a fraction of the costs.